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Yanagaisawa Sopran Saxophn Mod.S-WO20

Our top bronze model, capable of a soft yet full and beautiful soprano tone.


Yanagisawa S-WO20 = 5198.-

All Instruments NEW in original case & accessories



Bb-Sopran Saxophone



€  5198,00

Soprano Sax -  MSRP: £  5585.00

Preis incl. aller Abgaben nach § 19 USTG. Versand innerhalb Deutschlands Fracht Frei!!

SWO20 Soprano Sax - Bronze

SW020 - Elite Model.

This SWO20 bronze model is an instrument for the accomplished player. It delivers

a superb tonal range with an  unmistakably darker edge thanks to the fine bronze body

,and it also  benefits from the WO series re-engineered bore and toneholes, and  re-sourced and redesigned core brass material. This model also has many  upgraded

features exclusive to the WO series such as newly designed  Front F Keys, Ride Side

Keys and Right Pinky Key.

Key: Bb
Range: Low Bb to High F#
Body: Bronze
Bow: Bronze
Bell: Bronze
Keys: Brass
Finish: Lacquered
Neck: Bronze
Neck Type: Straight & Curved
Case: Fabric Covered, Woodshell case with outer pocket and Backstraps

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