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Suzuki Tone Chimes

Most Innovative

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Precision crafted from lightweight aluminum, Suzuki ToneChimes have adjustable clapper heads for variable expression and overtone tuning for perfect harmonics. Beautiful yet cost effective ways to share the music.

Most Comfortable

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Only Suzuki ToneChimes feature tubular bells with rounded tone chambers. They're easy to hold and easy to play for extended periods.

Most Affordable

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 Bring the beauty of handbell playing to your school,  church or musical ensemble with the music industry's lowest cost Chimes  available today. Don't pay more!

Most Expandable

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Start with our affordable 2 octave, 25 note set. Add sets as your experience level increases. 3rd octave, 4th octave and new 5th octave bass note add on sets put on a spectacular show!

Most Convenient

Rugged, heavy duty padded travel cases (models HB-25, 12a, 12b, 7c). 25 note set has wheels and a pull handle — another Suzuki exclusive! ToneChime tables are both beautiful and funcional.

Most Educational

Suzuki ToneChime student workbook shows you a step by  step approach on how it's done, even if you've never played before.  Scored music sheets available for 25 and 37 notes.

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HB-250 Set

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2 Octave Chromatic Tone Chmes Set                                   This 25 note, chromatic ToneChime set is perfect for classroom instruction or performance. Includes foam cutout for each bell, note name labeling and unbreakable heavy duty travel case. Range G4 to G6.





HB-120 A


3rd Octave Add On Tone Chimes Set                                         Expand the range of your 25 note set. 12 notes add 7  low bells and 5 high bells to make full 3 octaves. Complete with heavy  duty travel case. Range C4 to F#4 and G#6 to C7.

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HB-12 B

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4th Octave Add On Tone Chimes Set                                   Now you're ready to expand your set to 4 full octaves. 12 notes add 5 low bells and 7 high bells to make 4 full octaves.  Complete with heavy duty travel case. Range G3 to B3 and C#7 to G7.

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HB-7 C


7 Note Bass Bar Set                                                             Expand your 4 octave set on the low end of the range  with our new 7 note bass bar set. Complete with heavy duty travel case.  Range C3 to F#3

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HB-3 C


3 Note Bass Bar Set                                                                Use these bass bars for cadences or bass patterns with any of the above sets. Includes 3 bass bars in heavy duty cardboard  carrying box. Set includes C3, F3, and G3 bells.

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HB-16 HB-160

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16 Note Diatonic Set                                                                This set has the same range as many tone bell sets and can be used in early childhood education. Comes complete with carrying  case. Range A4 to F6, and includes 2 Bb and 1 F# bells. This set is not  expandable.

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10 Note Diatonic Set                                                                Also used for elementary classroom instruction, this  set has a range from C6 to C7, and includes 1 Bb and 1 F# bell. Carrying case. This set is not expandable.

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